All About Papaya Plants

Papaya fruit has smooth thin skin on the outside, and orange pulp and round black seeds on the inside. Papaya trees can grow quite tall, such as the Tainung Papaya  though dwarf varieties are available. The TR Hovey is one such example. Papaya trees require full sun. In colder parts of the state, you can plant papayas in containers and move them indoors to protect them from freezing.
Papaya trees can be male, female, or a combination, The cloning process ensures our papaya trees are self fruiting. Pick the fruit when it starts to change from green to yellow and let it sit on your counter for a few days before eating. Green papayas can be peeled then shredded into a salad rich in vitamins Thai green papaya salad is one such example. The taste is crisp and can be compared to iceberg lettuce. Growing papayas can be a rewarding experience with most plants producing heavy crops the first year.

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